Different Types Of Locks

Posted by Admin on March, 02, 2023

To ensure the desired security for many expensive items in your home, it is important to install reliable cupboard locks. The greatest locks are made by cupboard locks exporters using premium metal.

To protect your valuables or essential documents, you may need security cupboard locks. Perhaps you want to be totally certain that your exterior doors are secure? It goes without saying that you will want to get the greatest lock for the task.

What Exactly Is A Lock?

A lock is a device that secures an opening to its frame. It uses a latch, solid cylinder, bolt, or any other sort of solid metal plunger that extends into the strike.

They are metallic obstacles that prevent access or entry due to privacy, security, or safety concerns. A lock’s mechanism may hold a latch, bolt, or shackle in place. It allows movement in either direction relative to the lock position.

The term "lock" Is used to designate any form of device. It is applied as an additional security precaution and covers a lengthy list of padlocks. It includes combination locks, door locks, dead bolts, restraining bolts, electronic locks, and key locks.

A lock’s internal structure, known as the mechanism, might take the form of a warded, pin tumbler, spindle, or disc tumbler. Electric, key-operated, and combination locks are the three types of lock mechanisms.

All locks used levers, wheels, gears, and cams in the past; there was no electronic counterpart. Locks have become incredibly complicated. This is due to the development of programming, electronic mechanisms, and different automatic locking techniques.

Cupboard Locks

In addition to holding your clothes and other personal items, cupboards are sometimes used to house valuables and significant papers. Thus, it becomes one of the main objectives in a theft or burglary situation.

Therefore, it is essential to choose locks that are intended specifically for wardrobes.

Cupboard Locks Exporters created these locks with such cases in mind. They completely guarantee the safety and security of your belongings.

Cam Wardrobe Lock

The cam wardrobe lock features a cylinder and a piece of metal linked to the base. The key can be removed whether the lock is locked or unlocked. The metal base controls the rotation of the bolt when it is twisted.

Push Locks

A push lock can be useful if you have a drawer or cabinet with sliding shutters. When opening or closing the door, you must push the door firmly against the lock. It is fastened to the door’s frame.

Locks For Glass Doors

One of the most fashionable features you can add to your home to enhance the aesthetic feelings is a set of glass doors. Glass doors can be utilised for the entrances and exits of residences, workplaces, and retail establishments.

Moreover, they also guarantee the area’s security and safety. It can be utilized in cabinets and exhibits in addition to doors. Nevertheless, depending on your needs, you can install a number of glass door locks.


With a high level of dependability and strength, this particular lock is perfect for a sliding glass door. It features a double glass door lock that may be operated by either a single or double cylinder.

It is guided by a key mechanism. In contrast to a double cylinder, which would accept keys for both the exterior and internal locks, a single cylinder would only accept the external lock key if it has been fitted.

Glass to Glass Door

This door has two slots, one for a knob and one for a key. It can also be found with a knob on each side or with a lock that only requires one key.

Handle Lock

If your door has a handle that is attached to it, you can keep the door locked without affixing a lock to it. When it comes to door locks, there are many different options available, including flush, hook, mount, clamp, etc. All of them include either a mortise lock or a euro profile cylinder lock, which is still present at the back of the lock.

Drawer Lock

You can keep your security items and important possessions in drawers. These are among the most practical storage options. In order to safeguard it from risks like theft and burglary, a security lock is also necessary. There are many locks that were made specifically for the drawers, and we will show you two of them.

The simplest drawer locks available are cam locks, which feature a vital mechanism to keep you safe. The key is placed into the base of these locks. The cam acts as the lever to lock the doors, lockers, cabinets, boxes, and drawers.

A cam and a base are the components of these locks. Using a drawer lock like this can be appropriate if you have valuable items that need extra security.

Depending on the model, the combination lock can have a single dial or numerous dials with a number pad. To open the drawer, the person using the specific lock must enter a password. It is composed of a string of integers. The dial-mounted discs that lock and unlock the drawer are in charge of doing so.

Smart Drawer Lock

The locks on your drawers have advanced along with technology and the globe as a whole. These expertly crafted clever locks have top-notch capabilities. They enable you to open your lock without a key and even without touching the lock.

With the new Bluetooth smart drawer lock, you can both open and close the drawer with a simple tap on your phone. The specific smart lock has a keyless locking mechanism. So, when you unlock it, the software that is placed on your phone acts as the key. After installing the lock, you would not ever again have to be concerned about misplacing the keys.


Cupboards are a practical method to keep your home organised. You usually use them for storing all of your belongings in their proper locations. Cupboard locks can keep any of your valuables, including jewellery, papers, cash, and other regular home things.

The majority of homes around the world include cupboard locks. They may be found in each room of the house, including the kitchen, bedroom, and living room.

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